Places to Eat within a mile (and golf)


As we continue to discover more and more of our community, we hope you will come and visit us too. If you come, we hope you don’t miss tow of our favorite places to eat! September Farm Cheese has been a favorite for all the locals in the area for years. One of the unique parts of the place is the small market area at the front of the store – the perfect place to find a snack to eat later. Honey Brook Golf Course is another one of our favorites, which we admit is a little more than a mile away. But it’s still close, and we enjoy it so much we wanted it on this list. We’ve spend three Christmas’ there with our team. And of course a big plus is the large golf course for those of who like to golf on your vacation. We also have two favorite pizza places, an Asian take-out spot we love, and more.

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Jerry’s Pizza Pie

We love Jerry’s Pizza Pie. It’s right in the town of Honey Brook and it’s not unusual for us to order some take out, take it home and eat it as a family. We especially love their Jerry’s Pizza. Topped with pepperonis, onions, peppers, mushrooms, and mozzarella, you can’t go wrong.

September Farm Cheese

September Farm Cheese is known for its handcrafted cheese, made locally and delivered fresh to the store. You walk in the front door and can walk through a plethora of cheese’s, pretzels, meats and other baked goods. They’re especially known for their cheese curds – they have the largest selection of cheese curds that we’ve ever seen – and they taste amazing! 

Trust us when we say you won’t want to miss their ice cream either. There’s nothing like eating a good sandwich and getting some ice cream during the summer months. Our family usually ends up eating there for lunch and it really is a treat for all of our boys.

“This place has fantastic options. The garlic cheese curds are a must. We loved the mushroom quiche and the cheese and broccoli quiche. The chicken pot pie was a dream!!! So many delicious cheese options. I brought a cooler with me. The sunflower field was absolutely stunning.”

A customer review of September Farm Cheese on Trip Advisor

Honey Brook Golf Club

You may remember the renovation project that we were working on about a year ago. We had the pleasure of designing and renovating their outside patio area and bathrooms, we wrote all about it on the blog here. We were inspired to build a large fireplace outside, complete with a covered pergola.

But we enjoyed eating at the Greenside Grill within the Golf Club for years before we ever had the pleasure of working with them. Chris especially enjoys eating their French Onion Soup. We love eating there and so does our team!

“The owners of this space envisioned a welcoming, nostalgic space that will serve the community for years to come.”

From the Gallery

But it’s not just a restaurant. Honey Brook Golf Course is also a golf course – crazy right? The greens are well manicured and perfect for day of vacation or even a morning before heading to the office. The staff are friendly and we know that you will feel taken care of when you are there.

Long Way Home at Waynebrook Inn

We’ve always loved a restaurant connected to an inn. The Long Way Home has been in Honey Brook for decades and their food is delicious!

“I highly recommend The Long Way Home. I’ve spent time in both the restaurant and pub and enjoy both. The lobster bisque and cheese steak tots are great. I love the BBQ pizza – it’s super flavorful. If you are looking for a salad the lemon vinaigrette is a great go-to. I’ve tried a few of the drinks and haven’t been disappointed yet. My current favorites are the Red Velvet and the Captain Cliff. I’ve had a great time every time I’ve been here.” 


Lucky Wok

If you like Chinese you’ll enjoy Lucky Wok, located in the center of Honey Brook. It’s another great restaurant to order take-out and go and enjoy the local park, or take it back to your Airbnb. The owners are friendly and the food is delicious!


As always, we love our small town! We’ve lived here now as a married couple for ten years, and it’s the only place our boys know as home. If you’d like to come and visit we’d be happy to host you! Check out our Airbnbs and know that not only can you discover Honey Brook, but you can also see some of our own unique design style in real life. And maybe it will even give you inspiration for your own unique space.


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