Our Airbnb Basement Transformation


If you’ve been tracking with us for awhile, you know that we own an airbnb on our back property, and this spring we’ve spent sometime working to update it. And if you follow us on Youtube you probably saw the process of renovating and redesigning our airbnb basement. The basement was unfinished and uninspiring. However, we started dreaming about how we could renovate the space and add another bedroom, kitchenette, bathroom and small sitting area to our listing. It took some work, a little creativity, construction skills and a bit of negotiating over the decor, but the results are everything that we wanted it to be.

The basement really wasn’t anything special. It has the typical small high windows, dungy looking stone walls, and everything was just one big open space. But we knew that it has the potential and in the end it turned out even better than we could have hoped – so let this be a reminder to you that even your basement can be a space to thrive.

The Sitting Area

We wanted it to have a small sitting area and kitchenette, as well as a place for the washer and dryer. We painted the walls white to help it feel bigger and brighter. And Claude found the perfect retro orange chairs. The white countertops with the darker cabinets created a perfect transition from the white walls to the darker floors.

The Bedroom

We went a different route with the bedroom, painting the walls and ceilings a dark color. This created a transition from the bright living space to the cozy darker room, great for any vacation. But we didn’t want the dark room to feel too small or dark, so we installed glass doors leading to the brighter bathroom. Allowing the room to have a bright spot, completing the cozy, clean feel that we want for our airbnb.

The Bathroom

And finally we have the bathroom. The actual square feet of the bathroom is minimal, so to help the bathroom feel bigger we installed glass doors leading to the bedroom, and glass doors on the shower. The dark tile at the sink and in the shower brought in the darker elements of the bedroom, and the white walls and ceiling tied in the sitting area – creating a cohesive space.

“So let this be a reminder to you that even your basement can be a space to thrive.”

Learn More

If you’d like to learn more about this transformation and the sources that we used, our YouTube channel has several videos on the transformation. Check out one video below or go to our YouTube channel here.

We are creative space designers! Just as a we transformed this basement, we would love to work with you. Learn more about how we can design your space to thrive here. Or if you’re looking to buy or sell your home, we’d love to be your real estate agent.



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