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The 70's Airbnb

The Story

Lately we’ve been considering our approach to designing a space. Have we been imposing our design on a space? Or are we allowing the space to dictate its design?

Enter, our Victorian home with ornate railing up the stairway and brick and hardwood floors and like a million doors.

“Here’s to bringing back mustard, shag and granny couches.”

back to the basics...

 I can’t say it’s my first choice as far as style, but we’ve stayed true to the home, and we don’t regret it. Now, lets exit our Victorian home, trek through our backyard and up a little slope to another home. Enter, one of our favorite little renovations- An Ode to the 1970’s.

This home inspired us to recreate the era of our grandparents with mustard, embroidered wall hangings and old telephones. Our team almost completely gutted the house, but we retained the layout and spirit of the space.

What's in a name?

Actually we almost called it Grandma’s house, due to the couch that was literally passed down from my Grandma and due to all the thrift store steals on display throughout the space. But in the end we went for the whimsical name, “An Ode to the 70’s”

Want to know the story behind those beams? So do we. But we don't. (But they look amazing, eh?)



Renovated by The Chris & Claude Co.

Photographed by Char-Co. & Kinna Shaffer